Hall of Fame

In 2013, with our 50th Anniversary on the horizon, we established the Tyee Triumph Club Hall of Fame as a way to recognize and honor members, past and present, who were critical to the success of the club.

  • Hall of Fame designation is bestowed to an individual in recognition of his/her extraordinary service promoting the success of the Tyee Triumph Club and the Triumph Marque.
  • Hall of Fame recipients shall be permanent club members and pay no dues.  They shall be recognized on the “virtual clubhouse wall” of the Tyee Triumph website.
  • Any member in good standing may nominate an individual for Hall of Fame recognition by written notice, with supporting information, to the Board of Directors.  Hall of Fame recognition is awarded by majority vote of the Board of Directors and presented at the January meeting.

Thank you and congratulations to our Hall of Fame Honorees!

January 26, 2013:

Jack Adams

Karen May

Karen Knudson

Jim Philpott

Dian Adams, Karen May, Karen Knudson, Nancy Philpott

January 25, 2014:

Kay Franklin

January 24, 2015:

Tom and Barbara Eller

January 21, 2017:

Tom Mohle