History of Tyee Triumph

The Tyee Triumph Club was started in 1964 by a group of TR2, 3 & 4 enthusiasts to help focus their group on auto racing, rallying and good times. A lot of participation in local auto slaloms brought many personal trophies to our Triumph owners. During this time, Tyee sponsored an annual “Red Barron” event in each year’s race series. Tyee is proud to be the winner of the Puget Sound British Automotive Society’s “All British Field Meet” “Most Club Participation Award” for 1997, 1998 and 1999!

Although Tyee is Seattle-based, our present membership distribution is throughout much of Puget Sound, and focuses on every model of Triumph manufactured. Meetings are usually scheduled for the first Tuesday evening of every month, except for an occasional Saturday meeting and back roads tour during nicer weather.

Throughout the years, Tyee has sponsored various auto slaloms, rallyes, field meets, camping trips, point of interest tours (parks, wineries, interesting back roads, etc.), an annual Halloween Spooky Rallye and regional and national Triumph Meets.

We welcome all Triumph owners and enthusiasts to join the club and participate in our present focus on restoration, rallyes, tours, picnics, shows, tech sessions, auto slaloms, drive-ins and impromptu tour-de-jours.